New Haven Register
10/3/04 Luria, Aviva. Inside the artists' studios.

Arts! 10/2004
Bresnick, Hanni. City-Wide Open Studios: Artists transplanted, sustained, and exposed.

Yale Bulletin and Calendar 10/04
Gonzalez, Susan. City-Wide Open Studios celebrates its seventh year.

Art New England 10/2003
Fort, Robert. Rolodex at "open studios" was diabolical diversion.

Hartford Courant 10/2/03
Luna, Amy Ellis. New Haven hosts visual feast of art.

New Haven Advocate 10/9/03
Arnott, Christopher. Cover story, An insider's guide
to City-Wide Open Studios' annual art-full.

New Haven Advocate 11/6/03
Arnott, Christopher. "Open" Glory: City-Wide Open
Studios fills a city with art.