Letterforms Paintings

Thank You Cards

Watercolors without curves.

A more jagged set, but still straight-sided figures, spell out “Thank/you” —pls interpret “spell out” generously. There is very little contrast. I myself made this four years ago and I’m having trouble seeing it.
Thank You 2
Again, spelling out “than/k you,” but this time the inks are a lot runnier and there is little consistency in letter height, weight, or contiguity. Sometimes two letters share an arm or a leg or a kind of serif. From the perspective of 2022 I’m seeing a bunch of 90s kids tromping around in doc martens that don’t quite fit. It’s the heavy, blocky shapes tapering off into 45 degree right triangles, I think.
Thank You 3

By Elena Grossman

Elena Grossman is an artist and educator practicing visual art, graphic design, and programming for exhibition spaces, print, and screen media. Learn more about Elena