Noun Verb Series 2

For sale: Drawings from Noun Verb project. Pencil, acrylic, and vinyl on paper, $65 each, part of #artistsupportpledge. Please send email to to buy one.

Second series, April 2021: Each piece has at least an eighth of an inch margin. 

Blast, 5.5 x 7.5 in: A distorted cube floats in a cloudy grey green field. The walls are splotchy and watery but not drippy. One sharp corner shoots up and to the right. 

Proceed, 6 x 8 in: A translucent yellow-green folding form floats in blue, moving indecisively to the right. Not in a hurry but still pretty awkward. 

Bow, 6 x 8 in: A red and orange geometry leans into the frame from the right, folding forward in a bow. It is splotchy and sits in a water stained blue-yellow background. 

Artist Support Pledge


Supporting Artists and Makers

Artist Support Pledge is a generous culture and dynamic economy in support of artists and makers. 

The concept is a simple one, post images of your work to sell for no more (can be less) than $200 (£200, €200, A$300, C$300, ¥20000) each (not including shipping.) Anyone can then buy the work. Every time you reach $1000 (A$1500, C$1500, ¥100,000) of sales you pledge to buy another artist’s work for $200 (A$300, C$300, ¥20000).

So make a pledge and post your work using #artistsupportpledge and follow the #. Keep updated on news and further opportunities @artistsupportpledge and 

By Elena Grossman

Elena Grossman is an artist and educator practicing visual art, graphic design, and programming for exhibition spaces, print, and screen media. Learn more about Elena