Paintings Postcards

Six pieces of mail art

Two paintings turned into six postcards, each about 4 x 6 inches. Front Row Pass: A drippy painting/collage incorporating a 1940s (?) magazine illustration of a girl in a red dress peering anxiously to her right with part of a US flag behind her


Crystal Line Dialog(ue)

For sale: Crystal Line Dialog(ue), 2021, pencil, acrylic, and vinyl on 100% cotton bristol, 12 x 16 inches, $200, part of #artistsupportpledge. Please send email to to buy this painting. Two ten-sided objects float in a blue-marine field. They are imaginary. The walls are multi-layered, translucent, and orange, green, and blue. There may have […]


The Book of Contrasts

Experimental prints from found textures.