Ritual Repair

Repairing the lost grommets from the Gratitude poser with needle and thread.


Artisanal swag for sale

Celebrate pride with small and large handmade buttons in gorgeous colors and patterns.


Bodily Autonomy

No legislature may make a law that is overly burdensome or restrictive of fundamental rights.


Ritual 13: Resolve

My Ritual Open Call work began as calligraphic thank-you notes to my forebears and eventually became “gratitude,” my first installation with @ritual_open. Now that show is up in Oxon Run Park, and it’s time to think about the next location. I went from Gratitude to Rage—and now it’s Resolve. As in: I will keep finding ways […]


Ritual Open Installation

Last week Lisa Brown, Adrian, Rome Brown, and I installed the first location for the Ritual exhibition! It features my delightful collaborators, @healherphotography, @yvonne_shortt, @threestoryranch, @galaxina500, @amirahb_art, @art.of_e, and @daria_dorosh. Photos by me and Adrian Cooke.

Letterforms Paintings

Ritual 12a: Amendment

By the time I got to post the final banner to Instagram, the damn supreme court had followed through on its intention to revoke bodily autonomy from people who can get pregnant. So maybe this is the next banner.

Drawings Letterforms

Ritual 12: Banner Planner

My twelfth and final banner post, long delayed. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Work stress, car travel (always gets me), plus new medication gave me jitters and shakes for days. But a couple of weeks ago I finalized my first banner for the actual show, which begins in DC at Oxon Run Park […]


Ritual 7: Howard Hodgkin

My Ritual Artist Open Call project is an opportunity to express gratitude to the artists and women who inspire me. So far it exists as a bunch of multilayered calligraphy compositions, and eventually it will materialize as a square banner for my collaboration with @ritual_open. The idea was not to involve anyone I know personally and […]


The Book of Contrasts

Experimental prints from found textures.

Books Photographs

Lettering Zurich: Public Typography

“An effigy called the Böögg is burned on a bonfire…”