Ritual 4: Maintenance Phase

Over the last few years, between You’re Wrong About, Maintenance Phase, and You Are Good, I have learned that podcasting is a new art form—insofar as art is a crafted sensory experience that shows me my world in a new way and thereby fundamentally changes that world. Thank you Maintenance Phase, thank you Aubrey Gordon, thank you Michael Hobbes.

I am also saying “thank you both for the knowledge,” because the show presents an incredible amount of research, carefully contextualized and crafted through narrative and humor so I come away each time having learned a ton without really realizing it.

Does that say “high fructose broccoli syrup”? Indeed it does; see April 5 episode Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” There are transcripts but then you don’t hear Aubrey’s amazing beautiful laughter so I recommend listening if at all possible.

By Elena Grossman

Elena Grossman is an artist and educator practicing visual art, graphic design, and programming for exhibition spaces, print, and screen media. Learn more about Elena