The Guggenheimlich Maneuver

What to look for in victims of overwhelming architecture

NYC Department of Health showed us the Heimlich Maneuver, but they should have considered other kinds of choking. This helpful guide was developed in collaboration with Jessica Green and Nina Katchadourian. Have a look at the amazing Cabinet Magazine itself.

First aid for the Choking Victim: The Guggenheimlich Maneuver

What to look for—the victim of overwhelming architecture

1. Cannot articulate ideas
2. Turns blue (universal sign of aesthetic discomfort)
3. Collapses in museum cafeteria

From “The Guggenheimlich Maneuver” (2001)

By Elena Grossman

Elena Grossman is an artist and educator practicing visual art, graphic design, and programming for exhibition spaces, print, and screen media. Learn more about Elena